To help deal with the stressors of everyday life, I’ve started a new series of Messages from the Heart. It started as little reminders to myself, that I must not be driven by fear when I make daily decisions. Instead, I’ve chosen to consider the power of thoughts.  I realize that the toughest barriers to my own fulfillment are negative feelings and doubts that affect my ability to make courageous decisions. The good news about stress: sometimes it gets bad, but then it always gets better. Earlier this week, I hit a stress climax. Mind running with all of the things to do in the coming month….deadlines, personal goals, work/family balance….coupled with mental exhaustion. But at last, I put my mind in check and my hands to work. Here are some of the folks that visited me along the way. It’s great to have company when times get tough. 

May today be a day, when you too, invest in the power of positive thinking. Cheers, all!